Tips for Churches to Ensure Good Air Quality

  Places of worship are often seen as a sanctuary for prayer, spiritual growth, and the coming together of like-minded individuals. Many rituals, actions, and behaviors occur on a regular basis within these environments, carried out by their respective religious communities. To many, places like the church, temple, mosque, or shrine are considered a safe haven; though, a factor common to all worship settings but often unconsidered is indoor air quality. With variables like poor ventilation, mass gathering of people, and pollution created through ritual activities, the quality of air is far from safe.   Indoor air quality within places of worship has become a large area of concern with the recent risks of airborne illness transmission, however there is much more of a need for better air quality beyond a single virus. Breaking down what affects air quality in churches and temples, from the burning of candles to a choir assembly, gives a better understanding of how to impro

Non-Toxic Gift Guide For The Home

  Whether shopping for friends, family, or even yourself, it can be hard to pick out the perfect gift s   t o  suit  the needs of everyone  on your shopping list.   Will they absolutely love the gift, or will they feel the urge to return it a few days later?  We’ve  made your shopping journey a little easier  by creating   the  ultimate  EnviroKlenz  Gift Guide ,  the perfect roadmap for you to follow. This guide is  packed with  great  gift ideas tailored to  all sorts of people  you may be shopping for this year !   We’ve  got gifts for the busy family, the  germaphobe , the pet parents, the dust buster, and more, all in one place for you to  check out! So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling  for some shopping  inspiration, and  get your pen ready to jot down these perfect finds!   GIFTS FOR: Pet Parents We love our furry family members, but pet owners know all too well the unpleasant odors that dogs, cats, and other critters  can  leave behind on